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Morning Report for June 22, 2006

Headquarters Daily Report

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Changes in Corporate NMC Oversight


Point Beach 1, Point Beach 2
TWO RIVERS, Wisconsin
Dockets: 05000266, 05000301
[1] W-2-LP, [2] W-2-LP
License No:

Nuclear Management Co., LLC
COVERT, Michigan
Dockets: 05000255
[1] CE

Nuclear Management Co.
Prairie Island 1, Prairie Island 2
WELCH, Minnesota
Dockets: 05000282, 05000306
[1] W-2-LP, [2] W-2-LP

Nuclear Management Co.
Dockets: 05000263
[1] GE-3

MR Number: 3-2006-0012
Date: 06/21/2006

Resident Inspctr.Tel.,E-MAIL


The licensee announced as part of ongoing re-alignment of responsibilities at the NMC Fleet level, that Senior Vice President Craig Anderson will be leaving NMC and will be replaced by Senior Vice President Doug Cooper. Doug Cooper will also assume the title of Chief Nuclear Officer (CNO). Mike Sellman had been performing the duties of CNO, along with his duties as President and Chief Executive Officer. Mike Wadley will rejoin NMC as Vice President of Operations Support. Mike's responsibilities will include Training, Nuclear Oversight, Engineering and new plant acquisition. Mark Reddemann, also Vice President of Operations Support, will assume responsibilities for Regulatory Services, Security, Emergency Preparedness, Fleet Standardization and Procedures, Outage, Radiation Protection and Chemistry, and Information Technology. In late July, Steve Bylow, Vice President of Human Resources will leave NMC. Steve will be replaced by Ruth Giron who will become Senior Director of Human Resources. In mid-August, Dan Malone, Vice President of Engineering, will be leaving NMC.

Regional Action: Issued for information only and no further action by the staff is anticipated.

Accession Numbers:

Accession No Accession Date
ML061730345 06/22/2006


Name Office Abbrev Phone No E-Mail
LOUDEN, PATRICK L R3 (630) 829-9627 PLL@nrc.gov
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