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Morning Report for June 24, 2005

Headquarters Daily Report

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FirstEnergy Management Changes


Beaver Valley 1, Beaver Valley 2
SHIPPINGPORT, Pennsylvania
Dockets: 05000334, 05000412
[1] W-3-LP, [2] W-3-LP
License No:

FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co.
Dockets: 05000346
[1] B&W-L-LP

FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co.
Perry 1
Dockets: 05000440
[1] GE-6

MR Number: 3-2005-0013
Date: 06/23/2005

Licensee Announcement


First Energy Nuclear Operating Company (FENOC) announced today a series of management changes that they stated are designed to strengthen the organization and guide licensee fleet improvements in their home office in Akron, Ohio, and in their three nuclear plants. No dates were provided for when the changes will actually occur.

Current Chief Operating Officer Lew Myers will become Executive Vice-President of Special Projects working full-time on the Beaver Valley Steam Generator Replacement Project. Mr.Myers has announced plans to retire upon completion of the steam generator project.

Present Senior Vice President of Fleet Engineering and Services Joe Hagan will become Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining FENOC he led Exelon's Mid-Atlantic Regional Operating Group.

The new Senior Vice President of Engineering will be Dan Pace, formerly Vice President of Engineering for Entergy Nuclear Northwest. He will be joining FENOC in the near future.

FENOC also announced that they will be re-instating the positions of "Director of Maintenance" at their three nuclear power plants. Tom Cosgrove, currently Beaver Valley Director of Engineering will become Director of Maintenance. Current Beaver Valley Operations Manager Pete Sena will be promoted to Site Engineering Director.

Current manager of Fleet Radiation Protection Dick Farrell will be promoted to Davis-Besse Maintenance Director.

Mike Wayland, the recently appointed Maintenance Manager at Perry, will become Maintenance Director. Previously he worked at the USEC's gaseous diffusion plant in Kentucky.

Jim Shaw has been named as Engineering Director at Perry, to replace Tom Lentz, who will be temporarily reassigned as Director of Perry's Performance Improvement Program. Mr. Shaw is presently a senior manager of projects for the Nuclear Management Company. He will be joining FENOC in the near future.

Regional Action: Information only.

Accession Numbers:

Accession No Accession Date
ML051750457 06/23/2005


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