Morning Report for June 3, 2005

Headquarters Daily Report

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Declaration of Notice Of Unusual Event


Turkey Point 4
MIAMI, Florida
Dockets: 05000251
[4] W-3-LP
License No:

MR Number: 2-2005-0008
Date: 06/03/2005

Call from Licensee


Around 9:00 pm on June 2, 2005, Turkey Point Unit 4 was heating up in preparation for plant startup from a refueling outage. The licensee had completed maintenance to repair a refueling water purification pump suction valve and in restoring from the work at 9:45 pm, a cross-tie valve (4-802B) with the chemical and volume control system (CVCS) letdown line had been incorrectly opened. Subsequently, operators placed the refueling water storage tank (RWST) on recirculation which caused a transfer of water from the letdown system through the opened valve to the RWST to occur. Around 12:27 am on June 3, the Unit 4 reactor control operator (RCO) noted excessive Volume Control Tank (VCT) automatic makeups by observing the auto makeup valve opening. With charging and letdown flow matched the operators suspected that a reactor coolant system leak was occurring and estimated leakage at 20 gpm. As this exceeded the Unusual Event limit of 10 gpm RCS leakage, Unit 4 entered a NOUE at 12:33 am. Operators began system walkdowns and discovered the cross-tie (4-802B) to be open and it was shut it at 12:53 am, stopping the water transfer. The licensee later concluded that the leakage was not actually RCS leakage but rather CVCS inventory being redirected back to the RWST and the NOUE was exited at 2:10 am.

The State was notified at 12:40 am and the HOO at 1:00 am of the NOUE (See EN 41743). The resident staff was notified and responded to the plant. The SRI interviewed the operations staff, reviewed the clearance in question, and walked down the affected systems. The licensee held a stand down and has formed an event review team. Following review of the event with operations and site personnel, the licensee continued with heating up. Based on the leakage being reclassified as CVCS and not RCS leakage, the licensee intends to retract the notification. The resident inspectors will conduct a followup inspection.

Accession Numbers:

Accession No Accession Date
ML051540319 06/03/2005


Name Office Abbrev Phone No E-Mail
MUNDAY, JOEL T R2 (404) 562-4560

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