Morning Report for January 18, 2005

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Part 21 2005-0003-00 - Overstress Condition on "Single Failure Proof" Crane Trolleys


MONEE, Illinois

License No:

MR Number: H-2005-0001
Date: 01/07/2005


Part 21 2005-0003-00 - Overstress Condition on "Single Failure Proof" Crane Trolleys

As a part of a crane re-rate analysis, on January 5, 2005, Whiting Corporation, a crane vendor, reported an overstress condition on some hoist equalizer plates and welds. The vendor stated that the overstress condition is limited to the main hoist of redundant (single failure proof) cranes having capacities of 125 tons.

The following is a list of potentially affected single failure proof cranes;

Nine Mile Point - 125 Ton (2)
Dresden - 125 Ton
Quad Cities - 125 Ton
Waterford (Unit 1) - Reactor Room
Vermont Yankee - Reactor Room - 110 Ton
Cooper - Reactor Room - 100 Ton
Peach Bottom - 125 Ton (2)
D. C. Cook - 150 Ton (2), 20 Ton
Brunswick - 125 Ton
Farley - 125 Ton
Columbia - Reactor Room - 125 Ton
Robinson - 125 Ton
Grand Gulf - 150 Ton (2)
Shoreham - 125 Ton

Whiting Corporation is notifying these customers. The Columbia and Grand Gulf plants have tagged out their affected cranes for further investigation.

The vendor stated that cranes with serial numbers (SN) 10403, 10388, 10389, and 10510, can be operated at 100 Tons. Cranes with SN 10698 are currently being evaluated and are limited in capacity by other factors being addressed with each customer. The area adjacent to the rope termination at each end of the equalizer arm that the nut on the rope fitting bears against should be inspected for cracks in the plates or welds. No field failures or cracks have been reported to date. The vendor recommends that each affected crane can be used at 50 percent capacity if no cracks are visible.

On June 26, 2004, the vendor reported a similar overstress condition on certain structural frame welds located on the interior plate of the slack line frame assembly on certain cranes, including SN 10698, 10388, and 10389 (Morning Report H-2004-0015, dated July 8, 2004.)


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