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Part 21-2004-0020-00 - Non-Conservative Safety Limit Minimum Critical Power Ratio


WILMINGTON, North Carolina

License No:

MR Number: H-2004-0017
Date: 08/24/2004


Part 21-2004-0020-00 - Non-Conservative Safety Limit Minimum Critical Power Ratio

On August 24, 2004, Global Nuclear Fuels (GNF) and GE Nuclear Energy (GENE) reported that the current GNF process for determination of the Safety Limit Minimum Critical Power Ratio (SLMCPR) can result in a non-conservative SLMCPR. GNF has notified all plants that have been confirmed to be affected by this issue, and the licensees are expected to notify the NRC and take appropriate actions if their technical specifications (TS) are affected. A preliminary screening evaluation was performed to determine the plants that have a non-conservative SLMCPR impact of 0.01 or greater. GNF has verified that four plants meet this criterion and are therefore in a reportable condition under 10CFR 21.21(d). The four plants are: Nine Mile Point 1, Fermi 2, Fitzpatrick, and Cooper. These four plants have been notified of this reportable condition. If the TS values are exceeded, the licensee will submit an amendment request. In addition, the licensee must operate the plant in such a manner that the conservative SLMCPR value would not be exceeded during steady state or transient event.

GNF/GENE has also identified twenty-five additional plants in which preliminary screening shows that the impact on the SLMCPR is less than 0.01. GNF/GENE would verify the screening results for these twenty-five plants and no actions are necessary pending completion of the verification process. By September 29, 2004, GNF/GENE will provide a follow-up report to the NRC on the conclusions of the verification process.

The affected domestic plants with a non-conservative SLMCPR impact of less than 0.01 (25 plants) are: Clinton, Oyster Creek, Brunswick 1, Brunswick 2, Nine Mile Point 2, Fitzpatrick, Pilgrim, Vermont Yankee, Dresden 2, Dresden 3, LaSalle 1, LaSalle 2, Limerick 1, Limerick 2, Peach Bottom 2, Peach Bottom 3, Quad Cities 1, Quad Cities 2, Perry 1, Duane Arnold, Monticello, Hope Creek, Hatch 1, Hatch 2, and Browns Ferry 2.

Information for this issue, as well as other Part 21s, is available at the NRC's Operating Experience web page at:


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