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Morning Report for May 20, 2004

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Part 21 - 2004-0011-00 - Damaged Steam Generator Tubes in Packing Boxes



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MR Number: H-2004-0012
Date: 05/18/2004

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Reviewer: Vern Hodge


Part 21 - 2004-0011-00 - Damaged Steam Generator Tubes in Packing Boxes

AB Sandvik Materials Technology, a manufacturer of steam generator tubes used in U. S. nuclear power plants, reported discovering damaged steam generator tubes while opening packing boxes. These tubes were intended for use at Palo Verde, Unit 1. A total of six damaged tubes were discovered. Sandvik stated that the cause of the damage was incorrect placement of the packing screws. Sandvik took corrective actions to restrict packers to qualified personnel, to orient the screws horizontally at the midplanes of the blocking, and to institute quality assurance inspections and stamps. Sandvik also reported that the same technique of using screws in the boxes was used for Palo Verde, Unit 2 and Sequoyah, Unit 1.

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