Morning Report for March 16, 2004

Headquarters Daily Report

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Davis-Besse Plant Status


Dockets: 05000346
[1] B&W-L-LP
License No:

MR Number: 3-2004-0020
Date: 03/16/2004

RIII-Via Teleconf. with Site


This information is current as of 9:30 am (EST) on March 16, 2004. The plant is currently in Mode 1 at 22% reactor power. The initial Main Turbine-Generator synchronization to the grid occurred at 5:27 am March 16, and electric power generation is approximately 135MWe. Power ascension activities are on hold pending resolution of 3 equipment issues as described below:

. A steam leak was discovered at a manway cover located on the Moisture Separator Reheater #2 drain tank.

. Two turbine bypass valves associated with steam generator 1-2 steam header are currently inoperable.
. Having only one operable turbine bypass valve for this steam header could provide a challenge, should the
. turbine trip, and may lead to the lifting of the atmospheric vent valve at current plant conditions. Current
. reactor coolant system activity and primary to secondary leakage are very low, well below technical
. specification limits.

. During the transition from the startup feedwater lineup to the main feedwater lineup for steam generator 1-1, no
. flow was indicated through the main feedwater line with the associated block valve and regulating valve
. indicating open. Further testing of the block valve, which is a motor-operated valve, is in progress to check for
. stem/disc separation.

The licensee currently has problem solving teams assigned to each issue. Each issue, especially the feedwater issue, could require the licensee to shutdown the reactor and cooldown to establish the appropriate plant conditions to facilitate repairs.

Ongoing resident inspector coverage, and around-the-clock inspection and oversight of licensee activities continues with NRC resident inspector and examiner support from all Regional Offices. Operations performance continues to be good. Evolutions have been positively controlled and appropriate actions were taken in response to emergent plant conditions. This coverage, which commenced March 9, is expected to be in place for approximately two weeks.

Regional Action: For Information Only

Accession Numbers:

Accession No Accession Date
ML040760447 03/16/2004


Name Office Abbrev Phone No E-Mail
LIPA, C A R3 (630) 829-9619

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