Morning Report for January 22, 2004

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Emergency Notification Siren Temperature Sensitivity


Pilgrim 1
Dockets: 05000293
[1] GE-3
License No:

Union Electric Co.
ST LOUIS, Missouri
Dockets: 05000483
[1] W-4-LP

MR Number: H-2004-0005
Date: 01/14/2004


The Callaway and Pilgrim nuclear facilities reported a problem with emergency notification sirens that was identified and traced to a manufacturing defect in components supplied by Federal Signal Corporation. The Pilgrim facility reported that 87 out of 112 emergency sirens failed a quiet test on January 14, 2004. Indications pointed toward amplifier problems within each affected siren. These sirens had been upgraded about a year ago using equipment supplied by Federal Signal Corporation. Pilgrim's update event notification report on January 20, 2004 indicated the siren failures were believed to be the result of a manufacturing defect, which resulted in temperature sensitivity. Temporary means of heating the sirens were installed and investigations are continuing. Callaway reported that Federal Signal Corporation had notified them on January 21, 2004 that there was a potential for siren inoperability due to a temperature sensitive piece of equipment on model number EOWS612 sirens. It was determined that 19 out of 29 of their emergency sirens were subject to this potential failure if ambient temperatures fall below approximately 20 degrees F. Callaway conducted a "quiet test" of the questionable sirens and four of the sirens indicated a problem. At the time of the report, the ambient temperature was above 32 degrees F and it was noted that the four questionable sirens were probably not experiencing the temperature related failure. A field test of the four sirens will be performed to determine their operability. Callaway indicated that alternate methods of public notification have been established. Callaway also reported that the vendor has identified the failure mechanism and temporary repairs will begin by January 22, 2004. NRC staff is evaluating the generic implications of this event.

The links to the event notification reports (EN40448 and EN40462) from these facilities are provided below:


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