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Part 21 - 2003-0030-00 - Potential Failure of Model 877-1 High Range Containment Monitor Detectors


Solon, Ohio

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MR Number: H-2004-0004
Date: 11/21/2003

Source Document: Letter



Part 21 - 2003-0030-00 - Potential Failure of Model 877-1 High Range Containment Monitor Detectors

This morning report is being issued due to a safety concern regarding potential failure of Model 877-1 high range containment monitor detectors. Apparently the incorrect solder was used on the internal high voltage and signal solder connections in Model 877-1 high range containment monitor detectors manufactured between 6/1/00 and 11/1/03. The internal detector high voltage and signal connections were qualified with lead free solder 96.5% Sn and 3.5% Ag, however the internal detector was soldered with a 60% Sn and 40% Pb solder. The overall impact of the use of the incorrect solder is that the temperature margin designed into the unit, and demonstrated in the qualification test program, will not be achieved with the lower temperature solder. The 60/40 solder has an established melting temperature of 361 degrees Fahrenheit, which is still about the maximum test temperature, 357 degrees Fahrenheit.

The vendor (Cardinal Health Radiation Management Services) has put an immediate hold on the Model 877-1 detectors being manufactured as well as shipments of any 877-1 detectors. The vendor has five utilities who currently have these detectors and notification letters were sent to each affected utility.

US Utilities International Utilities
========= ===============
Hatch Tihange - (Belgium)
V.C. Summer Yeonggwang - (Korea)
Vermont Yankee

The vendor's noncompliance issues poses no threat to any safety related system.

Information for this issue as well as other Part 21s is available at the NRC's Operating Experience web page at:

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ML033240134 11/21/2003


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