Morning Report for November 19, 2003

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Part 21 - 2003-0026-00 - GE Magne-Blast Breaker Tube and Piston Assemblies


Fulton, Missouri

License No:

MR Number: H-2003-0036
Date: 10/29/2003

Source Document: Fax from Licensee

Reviewer: Maurice Heath


Part 21 - 2003-0026-00

This Morning Report is being issued due to a safety concern regarding GE Magne-Blast breakers (model AM-4.16-350-2h medium voltage circuit breaker) and is specific to tube and piston assemblies supplied under part number Q0213X0343R094. Apparently five assemblies supplied to AmerenUE for the Callaway Nuclear Plant contained a dimensional design error which would cause the assembly to interfere and bind with the circuit breaker movable contact assembly, which would ultimately render the breaker inoperable.

The licensee (AmerenUE) was contacted by the NRC. The licensee confirmed that all the basic components with the defect were returned to General Electric Nuclear Engergy (GENE) for evaluation. They also stated that the electricians did not attempt to install the assemblies because they determined, by visual inspection, the replacement assembly would not adequately replace the existing components.

The vendor (GENE) was also contacted by the NRC and indicated the same information that the licensee provided above. In addition, GENE stated that the only affected utility to have ordered these assemblies was AmerenUE, Callaway Plant and that this is an isolated event regarding GE Magne-Blast breaker tube and piston assemblies.

Accession Numbers:

Accession No Accession Date
ML033040401 10/29/2003


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