Morning Report for May 6, 2003

                       Headquarters Daily Report

                         MAY 06, 2003

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Licensee/Facility:                     Notification:

Carolina Power & Light Co.             MR Number: 2-03-0006
Harris 1                               Date: 05/06/03
Raleigh,North Carolina                                                    
Dockets: 50-400



On April 28, 2003, while the licensee was performing remote shutdown     
system testing, a relief valve in the component cooling water (CCW)      
non-essential CCW piping header lifted and failed to reseat.  The        
resulting loss of CCW inventory caused the plant operators to enter the  
appropriate abnormal operating procedure and, as directed by that        
procedure, to secure both CCW pumps to prevent pump damage, thus shutting
off cooling flow to the residual heat removal (RHR) heat exchangers. This
initiated a loss of RHR shutdown cooling for approximately               
5 minutes.  To restore shutdown cooling, the operators isolated the      
subject relief valve, refilled the CCW surge tank, and restarted a CCW   
pump.  This event occurred during a period of reduced inventory and high 
decay heat with containment integrity not set (containment equipment     
hatch was open with contingency closure requirements).                   

Regional Action:

Region II, under the guidance of NRC Management Directive 8.3, initiated 
a Special Inspection at the site on May 5, based on the loss of shutdown 
cooling during a period of reduced inventory and high decay heat, with   
containment integrity not set.                                           

Contact:  PAUL E. FREDRICKSON        (404)562-4530

REGION IV  MORNING REPORT     PAGE  2          MAY  6, 2003

Licensee/Facility:                     Notification:

Energy Northwest                       MR Number: 4-03-0001
Columbia Generating Station 2          Date: 05/06/03
Richland,Washington                    Resident Inspector                 
Dockets: 50-397

On Tuesday, May 6, 2003, approximately 20 Energy Northwest (Columbia     
Generating Station or CGS) off-duty security officers established an     
informational picket approximately 10 miles from the site.  The union    
contract for security officers expired on November 1, 2002; however, the 
licensee and the security officers continue to operate under the         
conditions of the contract until a new contract is approved.  The        
security officers are state employees, in essential positions, and       
therefore are prohibited from striking.  The negotiation process provides
for mediation and arbitration, if necessary.  Energy Northwest management
and union officials are currently engaged in mediation. The informational
picket has not impacted plant operations (CGS is currently shutdown for a
refueling outage). The licensee had not been informed by the union as to 
how long the informational picket would last. As of 8:30 a.m. PDT there  
had not been any media interest.                                         

Regional Action:

This Morning Report is for information only.                             

Contact:  W. B. Jones                (817)860-8147
          T. W. Pruett               (817)860-8215


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