Morning Report for January 31, 2003

                       Headquarters Daily Report

                         JANUARY 31, 2003

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Licensee/Facility:                     Notification:

Part 21 Database                       MR Number: H-03-0014
Whiting Corporation                    Date: 01/31/03

Subject: Part 21 - Initial Notification - Whiting Corporation Cranes     
         Sold Prior to 1980                                              


VENDOR: Whiting Corporation             PT21 No.:  2003-                 
DATE OF DOCUMENT: 01/29/03              ACCESSION NUMBER:                
SOURCE DOCUMENT: FAX                    REVIEWER: RORP, R. Caldwell      
Equipment Identification: The concern is specific to the Whiting No. 25  
Hoist Unit (Gear Case). One or possibly two internal support bolts in    
this assembly may be significantly over-stressed.                        
The exact extent of the over-stressed condition can only be determined by
individual analysis of each hoist in question; however, based on         
findings, a 50 percent reduction in rated hoist capacity of the effected 
cranes will allow for continued use of the cranes without compromising   
design safety factors.  This limitation should be enforced until the     
over-stressed bolts have been replaced or analysis shows that an         
over-stressed condition does not exist.                                  
Crane owners are requested to contact Whiting Corporation at     and provide the following information;   
customer name, contact person, email address, telephone number, crane    
serial number and date of next scheduled outage.                         
Contact:    R. Caldwell, NRR                                             
            (301) 415-1243                                               


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