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Morning Report for January 18, 2002

                       Headquarters Daily report

                         JANUARY 18, 2002

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MR Number: H-02-0010

                            NRR DAILY REPORT ITEM
                            GENERIC COMMUNICATIONS

Subject: Issuance of Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-01

NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2002-01: Changes to NRC Participation in the
International Nuclear Event Scale dated January 14, 2002

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is issuing this regulatory issue
summary to inform addressees of impending changes in the NRC's level of
participation in the International Nuclear Event Scale.

ADAMS Accession No.:  ML013200502

Contact:    Robert J. Stransky, Jr., IRO
            E-mail: rjs3@nrc.gov


Licensee/Facility:                     Notification:

Commonwealth Edison Co.                MR Number: H-02-0011
Quad Cities 1                          Date: 01/18/02
Dockets: 50-254

Subject: Jet Pump Hold-Down Beam Failure

Reportable Event Number: 38620


On January 9, 2002, Quad Cities, Unit 1, experienced indication of a jet
pump failure. This was based on the following plant indications:

    a) Gross Megawatt Electric Decrease
    b) Reactor Pressure Decrease
    c) Total Core Flow Indication Increase
    d) Core Plate DP Decrease

Approximately 30 minutes after the jet pump failure the 1B recirculation
pump tripped.

During the resulting forced outage, the licensee inspected the Quad
Cities Unit 1 jet pumps for possible damage. The licensee identified that
one of the hold-down beams on jet pump 19/20 had broken into two pieces,
with the associated inlet mixer on jet pump #20 wedged against the
swing-gate restrainer bracket assembly after lifting 10-12 inches,
separating at the slip joint. The mixer assembly was hanging
approximately 20-degrees from the vertical. The hold-down beam break
occurred in the transition area between the bolt hole and the end tab, in
an area that had not previously been considered susceptible to stress
corrosion cracking. The previous failures have been in areas of known
stress concentration. The transition area was typically not inspected
during hold-down beam inspections. The licensee believes the failure
mechanism is intergranular stress corrosion cracking (IGSCC) related.

The hold-down beams were last inspected in November 2000 with no
indications noted. Jet pumps # 5, 6, 7, and 8 have a new-style hold-down
beams and the 15 remaining hold-down beams have the original hold-down
beams installed. During the current outage the 15 original hold-down
beams were cleaned and inspected with visual (EVT-1) and ultrasonic (UT)
methods. Six of the beams had crack-like indications identified during
the inspections. The licensee intends to replace all the original
hold-down beams with the revised design hold-down beams prior to restart.
Hold-down beam failures have occurred in the past (Grand Gulf, Dresden 3)
and resulted in issuance of NRC Information Notice 93-101, "Jet Pump
Hold-Down Beam Failure", dated December 17, 1993, and IE Bulletin 80-07,
"Jet Pump Assembly Failure", dated April 4, 1980. General Electric issued
GE SIL 330 (June 9, 1980) and RICSIL 065 (December 3, 1993), which
addressed the hold-down beam failures at the bolt hole and at the beam
end tab. The RICSIL recommended replacement of the susceptible original
hold-down beams after eight (8) years of operation.

The BWR Owners Group, Vessel Internals Project, has confirmed that the
original hold-down beams are currently installed only at Dresden and Quad
Cities stations.

The NRC special inspection is continuing at the station for further

Contacts:   John Jacobson:  (630) 829-9736
            Gene Carpenter: (301) 415-2169
            Keith Poertner: (301) 415-1175


MR Number: H-02-0012

                            NRR DAILY REPORT ITEM
                            GENERIC COMMUNICATIONS

Subject: Issuance of Information Notice 2002-05

NRC Information Notice 2002-05: Foreign Material in Standby Liquid
Control Storage Tanks dated January 17, 2002

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is issuing this information
notice to inform addressees of equipment and design issues identified
recently at the River Bend Nuclear Power Plant concerning debris found in
the standby liquid control system storage tank.  The aspect of this event
considered of particular interest is the evident potential for systems
initially filled with a combination of dry chemicals and water to have
the wrapper material for the chemicals left in the system and to remain
there undetected for an extended period.

ADAMS Accession No.:  ML013530020

Contacts:   Stephen Max Schneider, Region IV
            E-mail: sms2@nrc.gov

            Ron Kopriva, Region IV
            E-mail:  rak1@nrc.gov

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