Morning Report for December 21, 2001

                       Headquarters Daily Report

                         DECEMBER 21, 2001

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Omaha Public Power District            MR Number: 4-01-0007
Ft Calhoun 1                           Date: 12/21/01
Fort Calhoun,Nebraska                  Call from SRI
Dockets: 50-285



On December 19, 2001, a fire occurred in a corridor from Safety Injection
Pump Room 22 to the containment tendon gallery.  The fire was caused by a
malfunction of an extension cord and subsequent ignition of a bag of
trash, most likely used cloth overalls.  The resulting fire also burned a
herculite floor covering and a rubber air hose.  The extension cord was
being used to supply power to a heater for 55-gallon grease drums located
in the tendon gallery.  The grease was being used for work on the
containment tendons.  The licensee's fire brigade was dispatched and
extinguished the fire approximately 20 minutes after the fire alarm was
received at 2:48 a.m. (CST).  The licensee determined that the fire did
not meet the criteria in their emergency plan implementing procedures for
the declaration of an emergency.  Although assistance was requested from
the Blair City Fire Department, the fire was out by the time they arrived
at the site.

As a result of the heavy smoke, fire protection system sprinklers
initiated in a stairwell outside of Room 22.  Intermittent grounds were
experienced on two safety-related 480 volt ac motor control centers as a
result of the actuation of the sprinkler system.

Room 22 contains a low pressure safety injection pump, a high pressure
safety injection pump, two containment spray pumps, and other safety
related valves and cable trays.  The licensee conducted an inspection of
Safety Injection Pump Room 22 and determined that no equipment was
damaged as a result of the fire, water, or smoke.  The licensee also
inspected the motor control centers that experienced intermittent grounds
and did not identify any damage.

The licensee is continuing their investigation into the cause of the

Regional Action:

The resident inspectors conducted an initial inspection of Room 22 and
the area of the fire.  Region IV plans to conduct a special inspection
the week of January 13, 2002, to further review this event.

Contact:  Kriss Kennedy              (817)860-8144
          Wayne Walker               (402)426-9611

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