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Morning Report for November 1, 2001

                       Headquarters Daily Report

                         NOVEMBER 01, 2001

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Tennessee Valley Authority             MR Number: 2-01-0019
Sequoyah 1 2                           Date: 11/01/01
Dockets: 50-327,50-328



At 6:40 a.m., on October 30, 2001, as water was being released from the
turbine building sump to the yard drainage pond, the count rate as
measured by the station sump discharge radiation monitor reached its
alarm setpoint of 600 CPM.  An initial air radiation survey of the sump
indicated that there was no abnormal activity.  A subsequent water sample
from the sump confirmed that there was activity in the turbine building
sump. At 8:10 a.m., the release was terminated by re-aligning the sump
discharge to the low volume waste treatment pond, which is isolated from
the environment.

At 8:50 a.m., a Notification of Unusual Event (NOUE) was declared due to
an unplanned radiological release which exceeded procedure-prescribed
effluent radiation levels.  The NOUE was terminated at 9:10 a.m., and a
10 CFR 50.72 notification was made at 9:30 a.m.  Liquid samples taken by
the licensee at the discharge of the yard drainage pond to the dilution
pond and at the discharge of the dilution pond to the Tennessee River
detected no activity.

Subsequent analysis showed that the total activity in the turbine
building sump was actually less than 35% of the Off-site Dose Calculation
Manual (ODCM) limit, indicating that the procedure-prescribed radiation
limits for declaring an NOUE may have been conservative.  No release
limits were exceeded and, therefore, the NOUE criteria of two times the
ODCM limits did not exist.  On October 31, the licensee withdrew the
10 CFR 50.72 notification. The licensee is continuing to investigate the
source of the activity in the Turbine Building Sump.

The resident inspectors and a Region II radiation protection specialist
continue to review the event and monitor the licensee's actions.

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