Morning Report for April 6, 2001

                       Headquarters Daily Report

                         APRIL 06, 2001

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Nuclear Management Company             MR Number: 3-01-0006
Monticello 1                           Date: 04/04/01
Monticello,Minnesota                   4/4/01,Resident Inspctr.Tel.,E-mail
Dockets: 50-263

Subject: Plant Startup from Unplanned Maintenance Outage


On February 25, 2001, the unit entered an unplanned outage following
licensee determination that inservice testing requirements of Section XI
of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code were not being completed for
several safety-related check valves in various safety systems (see Event
No. 37780). Subsequently, the licensee discovered additional Code
nonconformances and design basis issues during an extent-of-condition
review, and determined that additional corrective actions were necessary
before unit restart. These actions included, but were not limited to:
upgrade of several turbine building walls for HELB (Event No. 37830),
correction of torus to drywell vacuum breaker opening torques (Event No.
37823), modifications to various 4160 V ac breakers to correct hot short
issues (Event No. 37772), and reanalysis of design basis torus cooling
time initiating time limits (Event No. 37765).

Following completion of corrective actions, the licensee has restarted
the unit. The unit main generator was synchronized to the grid at 0716 on
April 4, 2001.

NRC resident and regional inspectors will continue to monitor ongoing
activities and the licensee's long-term corrective actions.

Regional Action:

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Contact:  BRUCE BURGESS              (630)829-9629

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