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Morning Report for April 7, 2000

                       Headquarters Daily Report

                         APRIL 07, 2000

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Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co.          MR Number: 1-00-0005
Maine Yankee 1                         Date: 04/06/00
Dockets: 50-309



On the morning of April 6, 2000, Maine Yankee initiated removal of the
100-ton pressurizer from the containment building of its decommissioning
reactor facility.  The pressurizer was lifted with the containment polar
crane and lowered to a horizontal position onto a special transporter for
removal through the containment equipment hatch.  This was the first of
four major components to be removed, with the first of the three steam
generators scheduled to be removed on April 7 and the remaining two steam
generators to follow in mid-April.  Preparations for removal of the
pressurizer and steam generators have been conducted for approximately
the last year.  These activities have included cutting and removing the
main steam and feedwater lines and isolation valves; removing smaller
diameter piping, conduit, and cable trays; concrete cutting to remove
cubicle walls and to widen the equipment hatch; exterior surface
decontamination; and welding covers on the openings to these components
where the piping had been removed.   NRC Region I staff inspected these
activities and evaluated the licensee's certification of the polar crane.
The pressurizer and steam generators will be temporarily stored near the
fenced border of the industrial security area behind a shield wall
constructed from the concrete blocks removed during concrete-cutting
operations.  All four of these components are expected to be shipped to
the GTS Duratek facility in Memphis,Tennessee on two barge shipments in
June.  Maine Yankee anticipates issuing a press release on these events
by early next week.

Regional Action:

NRC will continue to review Maine Yankee's decommissioning activities as
part of its routine inspection program.

Contact:  Mark Roberts               (610)337-5094
          Ronald R. Bellamy          (610)337-5200
REGION III  MORNING REPORT     PAGE  2          APRIL  7, 2000

Licensee/Facility:                     Notification:

Commonwealth Edison Co.                MR Number: 3-00-0018
Braidwood 1                            Date: 04/06/00
Dockets: 50-456

Subject: Change in status of Braidwood Unit 1


Operators at ComEd's Braidwood Station performed a Unit 1 startup
following an 18 day, 19 hour refueling outage. This is a record for the
utility. The reactor was taken critical at 7:48 a.m., on April 5, 2000,
and the turbine-generator was synchronized to the grid at 7:00 p.m., on
April 5, 2000. The start up was observed by the resident inspectors.
Significant maintenance activities completed during this outage included
reactor refueling, main turbine overhaul, reactor coolant pump
maintenance, digital rod position indication cable replacement,
replacement of essential service water pumps 1A and 2A suction valves,
and repair of safety injection system check valves.

Regional Action:

This is for information only.

Contact:  Michael Jordan             (630)829-9637
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