Morning Report for Macrh 28, 2000

                       Headquarters Daily Report

                         MARCH 28, 2000

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MR Number: H-00-0021

                           NRR DAILY REPORT ITEM
                           GENERIC COMMUNICATIONS

Subject: Issuance of IN 2000-06 dated March 27, 2000

NRC Information Notice 2000-06--Offsite Power Voltage Inadequacies, dated
March 27, 2000

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is issuing this information notice
to inform addressees of experience related to a possible concern
regarding the voltage adequacy of offsite power sources, that is, power
from the transmission system grid to nuclear power plants. It is expected
that recipients will review the information for applicability to their
facilities and consider actions as appropriate to avoid similar problems.

Technical contacts: Ronaldo V. Jenkins, NRR     James J. Lazevnick, NRR
                    301-415-2985                301-415-2782
                    E-mail:         E-mail:
HEADQUARTERS      MORNING REPORT     PAGE  2          MARCH 28, 2000

MR Number: H-00-0022

                           NRR DAILY REPORT ITEM
                           GENERIC COMMUNICATIONS

Subject: Issuance of RIS 2000-07, dated March 28, 2000

NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2000-07--Use of Risk-Informed Decisionmaking
in License Amendment Reviews, dated March 28, 2000

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is issuing this regulatory issue
summary to advise addressees of interim guidance on the use of risk
information by the staff in its license amendment reviews, including
reviews of license amendment requests that are not risk informed, and
staff plans for finalizing this guidance.

Technical contact: Robert L. Palla, NRR
REGION III  MORNING REPORT     PAGE  3          MARCH 28, 2000

Licensee/Facility:                     Notification:

                                       MR Number: 3-00-0017
H.C. Nutting Co.                       Date: 03/26/00
Dockets: 03035075

Subject: Update on Event No. 36511: Recovery of lost Moisture Density


On March 25, 2000, a civilian notified the licensee, H.C. Nutting Co.,
that he/she had discovered a Troxler moisture/density gauge at Paddock
Road and I- 75 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The licensee initially reported to
the NRC on December 14, 1999, that the gauge had been stolen. On March
26, 2000, the licensee contacted the NRC Operations Center and reported
that the gauge had been discovered. The gauge contains 8 mCi of Cs-137
and 40 mCi of Am/Be-241. The licensee took possession of the device on
March 26, 2000. The device was not damaged and there was no leakage
detected, according to the licensee. The Ohio Bureau of Radiation Safety
was notified and the Cincinnati Police Department will be notified.

Regional Action:

This event will be reviewed further during the next routine inspection.

Contact:  Kevin Null                 (630)829-9854
          Geoff Wright               (630)829-9602

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