Morning Report for October 8, 1999

                       Headquarters Daily Report

                         OCTOBER 08, 1999

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Licensee/Facility:                     Notification:

                                       MR Number: 3-99-0081
Materials Testing Consultants, Inc.    Date: 10/06/99
Grand Rapids,Michigan                  via Incoming Telephone Call
Dockets: 03013918 License No: 21-15281-02

Subject: Update on missing moisture/density gauge, Preliminary
         Notification No. PN-399023


On October 6, 1999, the State of Michigan, Bureau of Environmental and
Occupational Health notified the Region that the portable moisture
density gauge reported lost on April 9, 1999 had been located. A local
resident in Grand Rapids, Michigan notified the local police and health
department that she found the gauge in the street back in April 1999 and
took the device home and placed the locked gauge and case next to her
garage where it remained for the past 6-months. The licensee was notified
and took possession of the gauge on October 6, 1999. The package was
found unlocked; however the source rod was found locked in the shielded
position. At the time of this report the licensee was in the process of
inspecting the gauge and performing leak tests.

Regional Action:

Follow up during the next routine inspection. NMSS was notified.

Contact:  Darrel Wiedeman            (630)829-9808
          Geoff Wright               (630)829-9602

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