Morning Report for October 4, 1999

                       Headquarters Daily Report

                         OCTOBER 04, 1999

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MR Number: H-99-0088

                           NRR DAILY REPORT ITEM
                           GENERIC COMMUNICATIONS

Subject: Issuance of Regulatory Issue Summary 99-01 and IN 99-28

NRC Information Notice 99-28: Recall of Star Brand Fire Protection
Sprinkler Heads, Dated September 30, 1999

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued this information notice to
alert addressees to a recall of the Star brand, dry-type, fire protection
sprinkler heads manufactured by the Mealane Corporation of Philadelphia,

Technical contacts: Mark H. Salley, NRR     P. W. Lain,NMSS
                    301-415-2840            301-415-6317
                    E-mail:    E-mail:

NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 99-01, Revisions to the Generic
Communications Program, dated October 7, 1999


To inform addressees of actions taken by the staff to improve the
agency's generic communications program and its implementation,
specifically: (1) more clearly define each generic communications product
and the distinctions between the several types of generic communications;
(2) require the staff to obtain early senior NRC management
acknowledgment of emergent generic issues and require the staff to
initiate early interaction with the nuclear power industry when
evaluating an issue; (3) implement a tiered approach to generic
information requests; (4) develop simplified value-impact assessments
when the compliance exception to the backfit rule (10 CFR 50.109) is
invoked, in order to present senior management with additional
information for making better informed decisions; and (5) use the
Headquarters Daily Report to disseminate potentially generic information
to licensees and to the public.

Contacts:   Eric J. Benner, NRR     Kevin M. Ramsey, NMSS
            301-415-1171            301- 415-7887


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