Morning Report for July 2, 1999

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                         JULY 02, 1999

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Licensee/Facility:                     Notification:

Alliedsignal, Inc.                     MR Number: 3-99-0059
Metropolis Works                       Date: 07/01/99
Metropolis,Illinois                    VIA TELEPHONE
Dockets: 04003392

Subject: Personnel Injury


On July 1, 1999, NRC Region III received a notification of a personal
injury from plant staff at the AlliedSignal Metropolis Works Facility in
Metropolis, Illinois. The injury occurred at approximately 6:00 p.m.
(CDT) on June 30, 1999, and involved thermal and potential chemical burns
to an operator who worked in the liquid fluorine portion of the plant.
The burns covered approximately 10 percent of the operator's body, were
classified as first- degree with a few blisters, and were primarily
located on the operator's right chest and neck. The injury resulted when
a flexible stainless steel pipe of half-inch diameter containing gaseous
fluorine at a pressure of approximately 3 pounds per square inch gauge
(psig) was apparently burned through by a chemical reaction and ruptured,
causing an ignition of the pressurized fluorine. Part of the pipe
apparently grazed the operator's chest as it recoiled from the rupture.
The injured operator immediately went and showered at a nearby safety
shower. The operator was treated onsite for thermal and chemical
(fluorine or hydrofluoric acid) burns and sent to a nearby hospital in an
ambulance for further treatment and observation. The operator was
expected to be released on July 2, 1999, after additional treatments.

Regional Action:

The Paducah NRC Resident Inspector responded to the site the morning of
July 1, 1999, and reviewed the licensee's initial investigation of the
event. Preliminary results of the investigation indicated that the
chemical reaction may have resulted from moisture or water in the pipe
reacting with the gaseous fluorine. Region III inspectors will follow-up
on the licensee's investigation and corrective actions. The operator
worked in an area of the plant which does not use radioactive materials,
so no exposures or uptakes resulted from the event.

Contact:  J. Jacobson                (270)442-7118

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