Morning Report for May 28, 1999

                       Headquarters Daily Report

                         MAY 28, 1999

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Licensee/Facility:                     Notification:

                                       MR Number: 3-99-0048
William Beaumont Hospital              Date: 05/27/99
Royal Oak,Michigan                     via telephone
Dockets: 03002006

Subject: Radiation dosimeter reading exceeding 1000 rads


The licencee notified the Region III office that their dosimetry vendor
reported a Luxel Aluminum Oxide radiation dosimeter with a measured dose
of greater than 1000 rads. The badge was assigned to a medical technician
who works in the hospital's blood bank. The blood bank uses a 10,000
curie cesium-137 source in a self-shielded irradiator for irradiating
blood products. The technician has shown no evidence of radiation
sickness. Blood samples have been taken from the technician, and results
are within normal parameters. The licensee is interviewing 31 individuals
authorized to use the irradiator as part of their investigation. The
licensee believes that the dosimeter reading may be incorrect; however
the vendor had measured the dosimeter two times, both with the same
results. The licensee has performed surveys around the irradiator and did
not find any unusual radiation levels.

Regional Action:

This event will be reviewed further during the next routine inspection.

Contact:  Kevin Null                 (630)829-9854
          Geoff Wright               (630)829-9602

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