Morning Report for April 1, 1999

                       Headquarters Daily report

                         APRIL 01, 1999

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Licensee/Facility:                     Notification:

Department Of Energy                   MR Number: 4-99-0013
Idaho Nuclear Technology & Engr Ctr    Date: 04/01/99
Dockets: 07200020

Subject: Loading of Spent Fuel From Three Mile Island Unit 2 into Dry
         Cask Storage

Reportable Event Number: N/A


On March 19, 1999, a license was issued to the Department of Energy (DOE)
to permit nuclear fuel debris from Three Mile Island Unit 2 (TMI-2) to be
placed in dry cask storage at an independent spent fuel storage facility
(ISFSI) on the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
(INEEL) reservation near Idaho Falls. The ISFSI is located at the Idaho
Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center at the INEEL reservation. DOE
completed loading of the first dry cask on March 31 and has moved the
cask from the wet fuel storage location at INEEL to the ISFSI. The
completion of loading the first cask is a significant milestone for this
project. DOE was required, under a court Order issued in October 1995, to
commence moving the TMI-2 fuel to a dry storage facility by March 31,
1999. The Order requires DOE to complete movement of the TMI-2 fuel by
June 1, 2001.

Regional Action:

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Contact:  D. Blair Spitzberg         (817)860-8191
          Linda L. Howell            (817)860-8213
          Dwight Chamberlain         (817)860-8106

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