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Morning Report for March 31, 1999

                       Headquarters Daily Report

                         MARCH 31, 1999

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Licensee/Facility:                     Notification:

                                       MR Number: 2-99-0006
Soil And Materials, Inc.               Date: 03/31/99
Hato Rey,Puerto Rico
Dockets: 03017121 License No: 52-19193-01



On March 30, 1999, the licensee notified the NRC of the theft and
subsequent return of a licensee-operated pickup truck carrying a portable
gauging device. The device contained 10 millicuries (mCi) of cesium 137
and 50 mCi of americium 241. The theft took place on March 30, 1999, at
about 8:00 a.m. local time (7:00 a.m. EST) at the Gold Villas
construction site in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico.

The gauge technician employed by the licensee reported that two
individuals were apparently stealing surveying equipment from the job
site. The individuals approached the employee and car jacked him and his
vehicle at gunpoint in order to carry the stolen equipment from the job
site. The gauge was secured in the back of the truck at the time of the
incident. The licensee employee and vehicle were subsequently released at
about 9:00 a.m. local time. The licensee employee stated that the
individuals apparently did not notice or touch the gauge and that the
gauge remained in locked, secure storage in its transportation case
throughout the incident. The licensee employee was not injured.

The licensee reported the event to the Vega Alta police department which
is investigating the incident. The licensee reported that there has been
no media interest in this event. The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has been
notified. This information is current as of 11:00 a.m. EST.

Contact:  JOHN M. PELCHAT            (404)562-4729
REGION III  MORNING REPORT     PAGE  2          MARCH 31, 1999

Licensee/Facility:                     Notification:

Commonwealth Edison Co.                MR Number: 3-99-0024
Quad Cities 1 2                        Date: 03/29/99
Cordova,Illinois                       via phone call from licensee
Dockets: 50-254,50-265



Quad Cities Station Manager, Bill Pearce, Resigns

Mr. L. William (Bill) Pearce, Station Manager for Quad Cities Nuclear
Power Station, Units 1 & 2 has resigned to pursue new opportunities. Mr.
Pearce has been the Station Manager at Quad Cities since November, 1994,
with a short stint as Site Vice President for Quad Cities in late 1997.
His last official day will be Friday, April 9, 1999.

Mr. George Barnes, current Maintenance Manager, will be acting Station
Manager until a replacement has been found. In early March 1999, Mr.
Barnes joined the ComEd and Quad Cities organization from Carolina Power
and Light, where he held various management positions at the Brunswick
facility. Mr Russell Freeman, current Quad Cities Work Control Manager,
will assume the position of acting Maintenance Manager along with his
work control duties. The turnover process between Bill Pearce and George
Barnes will begin immediately.

Regional Action:


Contact:  M. Ring                    (630)829-9703
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