Power Reactor Decommissioning Rulemaking

NRC Staff

Paul Baldauf, Director, Division of Energy Security and Sustainability, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Dr. Robert B. Weisenmiller, Chair, California Energy Commission and California Sate Liaison Officer

Teresa Engelhart, Radiological Emergency Preparedness Supervisor, Wisconsin Emergency Management

Daniel Wolf, State Senator, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Dwight Dudley, Florida State Representative 

Rod McCullum, Senior Director, Used Fuel and Decommissioning Programs, Nuclear Energy Institute

Pamela Cowan, Director, Spent Fuel and Decommissioning, Exelon Generation

Gerry van Noordennen, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs at Zion, Energy Solutions

Wayne A. Norton, Chair of the Decommissioning Plant Coalition, President / CEO of Yankee Atomic and Connecticut Yankee, and Chief Nuclear Officer of Maine Yankee.

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