Commission Meeting: Periodic Briefing on New Reactor Issues

Slides for Department of Energy and Morning Panel

Department of Energy

  • Dennis Spurgeon, Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, DOE

Morning Panel

  • Michael L. Corradini, National Academy of Engineering, University of Wisconsin, & Chairman of ACRS Subcommittee on Future Plant Design
  • Dan Keuter, Vice President, Planning and Innovation, Entergy Nuclear
  • Fred Moore, Director Manufacturing & Technology, Energy, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Edward Wallace, Sr. General Manager, U.S. Programs, Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (Pty) Ltd.
  • Arkal S. Shenoy, Director, Modular Helium Reactor Division, General Atomics
  • Finis Southworth, Chief Technical Officer, AREVA NP Inc.
  • John Goossen, Director Science & Technology Dept., Westinghouse Electric Company

Afternoon Panel

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