§ 140.21 Licensee guarantees of payment of deferred premiums.

Each licensee required to have and maintain financial protection for each nuclear reactor as determined in ยง 140.11(a)(4) shall at the issuance of the license and annually, on the anniversary of the date on which the indemnity agreement is effective, provide evidence to the Commission that it maintains one of the following types of guarantee of payment of deferred premium in the amount specified in ยง 140.11(a)(4) for each reactor it is licensed to operate:

(a) Surety bond,

(b) Letter of credit,

(c) Revolving credit/term loan arrangement,

(d) Maintenance of escrow deposits of government securities,

(e) Annual certified financial statement showing either that a cash flow (i.e., cash available to a company after all operating expenses, taxes, interest charges, and dividends have been paid) can be generated and would be available for payment of retrospective premiums within three (3) months after submission of the statement, or a cash reserve or a combination of cash flow and cash reserve, or

(f) Such other type of guarantee as may be approved by the Commission.

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