§ 140.12 Amount of financial protection required for other reactors.

(a) Each licensee is required to have and maintain financial protection for each nuclear reactor for which the amount of financial protection is not determined in ยง 140.11, in an amount determined pursuant to the formula and other provisions of this section: Provided, That in no event shall the amount of financial protection required for any nuclear reactor under this section be less than $4,500,000 or more than $74,000,000.

(b)(1) The formula is:

x=B times P.

(2) In the formula:

x=Amount of financial protection in dollars.
B=Base amount of financial protection.
P=Population factor.

(3) The base amount of financial protection is equal to $185 times the maximum power level, expressed in thermal kilowatts, as authorized by the applicable license.

(4) The population factor (P) shall be determined as follows:

(i) Step 1. The area to be considered includes all minor civil divisions (as shown in the 1950 Census of Population, Bureau of the Census, or later data available from the Bureau) which are wholly or partly within a circle with the facility at its center and having a radius in miles equal to the square root of the maximum authorized power level in thermal megawatts.

(ii) Step 2. Identify all minor civil divisions according to the same census which are in whole or in part within the circle determined in Step 1. Determine the population of each such minor civil division (according to the same census or later data available from the Bureau of the Census). For each minor civil division, divide its population by the square of the estimated distance to the nearest mile from the reactor to the geographic center of the minor civil division: Provided, That no such distance shall be deemed to be less than one mile. If the sum of the quotients thus obtained for all minor civil divisions wholly or partly within the circle is 1,000 or less, the population factor is 1. If the sum of these quotients is more than 1,000 but not more than 3,000, the population factor is 1.2. If the sum of these quotients is more than 3,000 but not more than 5,000, the population factor is 1.4. If the sum of these quotients is more than 5,000 but not more than 7,000, the population factor is 1.6. If the sum of these quotients is more than 7,000 but not more than 9,000, the population factor is 1.8. If the sum of these quotients is more than 9,000 the population factor is 2.0.

(c) In any case where a person is authorized under parts 50, 52, or 54 of this chapter to operate two or more nuclear reactors at the same location, the total financial protection required of the licensee for all such reactors is the highest amount which would otherwise be required for any one of those reactors; provided, that such financial protection covers all reactors at the location.

(d) Except in cases where the amount of financial protection calculated under this section is a multiple of $100,000, amounts determined pursuant to this section shall be adjusted to the next highest multiple of $100,000.

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