Appendix H to Part 110—Illustrative List of Electromagnetic Enrichment Plant Equipment and Components Under NRC Export Licensing Authority

Note—In the electromagnetic process, uranium metal ions produced by ionization of a salt feed material (typically UCL4) are accelerated and passed through a magnetic field that has the effect of causing the ions of different isotopes to follow different paths. The major components of an electromagnetic isotope separator include: a magnetic field for ion-beam diversion/separation of the isotopes, an ion source with its acceleration system, and a collection system for the separated ions. Auxiliary systems for the process include the magnet power supply system, the ion source high-voltage power supply system, the vacuum system, and extensive chemical handling systems for recovery of product and cleaning/recycling of components.

(1) Electromagnetic isotope separators.

Especially designed or prepared for the separation of uranium isotopes, and equipment and components therefor, including:

(i) Ion Sources—especially designed or prepared single or multiple uranium ion sources consisting of a vapor source, ionizer, and beam accelerator, constructed of materials such as graphite, stainless steel, or copper, and capable of providing a total ion beam current of 50 mA or greater;

(ii) Ion collectors—collector plates consisting of two or more slits and pockets especially designed or prepared for collection of enriched and depleted uranium ion beams and constructed of materials such as graphite or stainless steel;

(iii) Vacuum housings—especially designed or prepared vacuum housings for uranium electromagnetic separators, constructed of suitable non-magnetic materials such as stainless steel and designed for operation at pressures of 0.1 Pa or lower.

The housings are specially designed to contain the ion sources, collector plates and water-cooled liners and have provision for diffusion pump connections and opening and closure for removal and reinstallation of these components; and

(iv) Magnet pole pieces—especially designed or prepared magnet pole pieces having a diameter greater than 2 m used to maintain a constant magnetic field within an electromagnetic isotope separator and to transfer the magnetic field between adjoining separators.

(2) High voltage power supplies.

Especially designed or prepared high-voltage power supplies for ion sources, having all of the following characteristics:

(i) Capable of continuous operation;

(ii) Output voltage of 20,000 V or greater;

(iii) Output current of 1 A or greater; and

(iv) Voltage regulation of better than 0.01% over an 8 hour time period.

(3) Magnet power supplies.

Especially designed or prepared high-power, direct current magnet power supplies having all of the following characteristics:

(i) Capable of continuously producing a current output of 500 A or greater at a voltage of 100 V or greater; and

(ii) A current or voltage regulation better than 0.01% over an 8 hour time period.

(4) Any other components especially designed or prepared for use in an electromagnetic enrichment plant or in any of the components described in this appendix.

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