§ 110.123 Notice of intent to introduce classified information.

(a) A participant shall seek the required security clearances, where necessary, and file with the Secretary a notice of intent to introduce classified information into a hearing at the earliest possible time after the notice of hearing.

(b) If a participant has not filed a notice of intent in accordance with this section, he may introduce classified information only if he gives to the other participants and the Commission prompt written notice of intent and only as permitted by the Commission when it determines that the public interest will not be prejudiced.

(c) The notice of intent shall be unclassified and, to the extent consistent with classification requirements, state:

(1) The subject matter of the classified information, which it is anticipated will be involved;

(2) The highest level of classification of the information (confidential, secret or other);

(3) When it is anticipated that the information would be introduced; and

(4) The relevance and materiality of the information to the hearing issues.

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