§ 110.113 Commission action.

(a) Upon completion of a hearing, the Commission will issue a written opinion including its decision on the license application, the reasons for the decision and any dissenting views.

(b) While the Commission will consider fully the hearing record, the licensing decision will be based on all relevant information, including information which might go beyond that in the hearing record.

(c) If the Commission considers information not in the hearing record in reaching its licensing decision, the hearing participants will be informed and, if not classified or otherwise privileged, the information will be made available at the NRC Web site, http://www.nrc.gov, and furnished to the participants.

(d) The Commission may issue a license before completion of a hearing if it finds that:

(1) Prompt issuance is required in the public interest, particularly the common defense and security; and

(2) A participant establishing that his interest may be affected has been provided a fair opportunity to present his views.

(e) The Commission may:

(1) Defer any hearing;

(2) Consolidate applications for hearing;

(3) Narrow or broaden the hearing issues; and

(4) Take other action, as appropriate.

[43 FR 21641, May 19, 1978, as amended at 64 FR 48955, Sept. 9, 1999]

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