§ 110.106 Participation in a hearing.

(a) Unless otherwise limited by this part or by the Commission, participants in a hearing may submit:

(1) Initial and concluding written statements of position on the issues;

(2) Written questions to the presiding officer; and

(3) Written responses and rebuttal testimony to the statements of other participants.

(b) Participants in an oral hearing may also submit oral statements, questions, responses and rebuttal testimony.

(c) A participant in an import licensing hearing establishing that his interest may be affected, may be accorded additional procedural rights under subpart G of part 2 with respect to resolution of domestic factual issues regarding the public health, safety and environment of the United States, and the protection of the United States public against domestic theft, diversion or sabotage, to the extent that such issues are separable from the nondomestic issues associated with the license application.

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