§ 110.103 Acceptance of hearing documents.

(a) Each document filed or issued must be clearly legible and bear the docket number, license application number, and hearing title.

(b) Each document shall be filed in one original and signed by the participant or their authorized representative, with their address and date of signature indicated. The signature is a representation that the document is submitted with full authority, the signer knows its contents, and that, to the best of his knowledge, the statements made in it are true.

(c) Filings submitted using the E-filing system must follow the requirements outlined in 10 CFR 2.304.

(d) A document not meeting the requirements of this section may be returned with an explanation for nonacceptance and, if so, will not be docketed.

[43 FR 21641, May 19, 1978, as amended at 49 FR 47203, Dec. 3, 1984; 72 FR 49154, Aug. 28, 2007]

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