§ 110.82 Hearing request or intervention petition.

(a) A person may request a hearing or petition for leave to intervene on a license application for an import or export requiring a specific license.

(b) Hearing requests and intervention petitions must:

(1) State the name, address and telephone number of the requestor or petitioner;

(2) Set forth the issues sought to be raised;

(3) Explain why a hearing or an intervention would be in the public interest and how a hearing or intervention would assist the Commission in making the determinations required by § 110.45.

(4) Specify, when a person asserts that his interest may be affected, both the facts pertaining to his interest and how it may be affected, with particular reference to the factors in § 110.84.

(c) Hearing requests and intervention petitions will be considered timely only if filed not later than:

(1) 30 days after notice of receipt in the Federal Register, for those applications published in the Federal Register;

(2) 30 days after publication of notice on the NRC Web site at http://www.nrc.gov;

(3) 30 days after notice of receipt in the Public Document Room; or

(4) Such other time as may be provided by the Commission.

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