§ 110.72 Public availability of documents.

Unless exempt from disclosure under part 9 of this chapter, the following documents pertaining to each license and license application for an import or export requiring a specific license under this part will be made available at the NRC Web site, http://www.nrc.gov, and/or at the NRC Public Document Room:

(a) The license application and any requests for amendments;

(b) Commission correspondence with the applicant or licensee;

(c) Federal Register notices;

(d) The Commission letter requesting Executive Branch views;

(e) Correspondence from the State Department with Executive Branch views;

(f) Correspondence from foreign governments and international organizations;

(g) Filings pursuant to subpart I and Commission and Executive Branch responses, if any;

(h) If a hearing is held, the hearing record and decision;

(i) A statement of staff conclusions; and

(j) The license, requests for license amendments and amendments.

[43 FR 21641, May 19, 1978, as amended at 60 FR 37565, July 21, 1995; 64 FR 48955, Sept. 9, 1999]

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