§ 110.63 Order for revocation, suspension, or modification.

(a) In response to an alleged violation described in ยง 110.60, the Commission may revoke, suspend, or modify a license by issuing an order:

(1) Stating the violation and the effective date of the proposed enforcement action; and

(2) Informing the licensee of his right, within 20 days or other specified time, to file a written answer and demand a hearing.

(b) If an answer is not filed within the time specified, the enforcement action will become effective and permanent as proposed.

(c) If a timely answer is filed, the Commission, after considering the answer, will issue an order dismissing the proceeding, staying the effectiveness of the order or taking other appropriate action.

(d) The order may be made effective immediately, with reasons stated, pending further hearing and order, when the Commission determines that the violation is willful or that the public health, safety, or interest so requires.

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