§ 110.43 Import licensing criteria.

The review of license applications for imports requiring a specific license under this part is governed by the following criteria:

(a) The proposed import is not inimical to the common defense and security.

(b) The proposed import does not constitute an unreasonable risk to the public health and safety.

(c) Any applicable requirements of subpart A of part 51 of this chapter are satisfied.

(d) With respect to the import of radioactive waste, an appropriate facility has agreed to accept and is authorized to possess the waste for management or disposal as confirmed by NRC consultations with, as applicable, the Agreement State in which the facility is located and low-level waste compact commission(s).

[60 FR 37565, July 21, 1995 as amended at 70 FR 37992, July 1, 2005; 75 FR 44090, Jul. 28, 2010]

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