Subpart D—Review of License Applications

§ 110.40 Commission review.

(a) Immediately after receipt of a license application for an export or import requiring a specific license under this part, the Commission will initiate its licensing review and, to the maximum extent feasible, will expeditiously process the application concurrently with any applicable review by the Executive Branch.

(b) The Commissioners shall review a license application for export of the following:

(1) A production or utilization facility.

(2) More than 5 effective kilograms of high-enriched uranium, plutonium or uranium-233.

(3) An export involving assistance to end uses related to isotope separation, chemical reprocessing, heavy water production, advanced reactors, or the fabrication of nuclear fuel containing plutonium, except for exports of source material or low-enriched uranium to EURATOM, the United Kingdom, or Japan for enrichment up to 5 percent in the isotope uranium-235, and those categories of exports which the Commission has approved in advance as constituting permitted incidental assistance.

(4) The initial export to a country since March 10, 1978 of source or special nuclear material for nuclear end use.

(5) An initial export to any country listed in § 110.28 or § 110.29 involving over:

(i) 10 grams of plutonium, uranium-233 or high-enriched uranium;

(ii) 1 effective kilogram of low-enriched uranium;

(iii) 250 kilograms of source material;

(iv) 250 kilograms of heavy water for nuclear end use; or

(v) 37 TBq (1,000 curies) of tritium.

(6) The export of radioactive material listed in Table 1 of Appendix P of this part involving:

(i) Exceptional circumstances in § 110.42(e); or

(ii) Category 1 quantities of material to any country listed in § 110.28.

(c) The Commission will review export and import license applications raising significant policy issues.

(d) If the Commission has not completed action on a license application within 60 days after receipt of the Executive Branch judgment, as provided for in § 110.41, or the license application when an Executive Branch judgment is not required, it will inform the applicant in writing of the reason for delay and, as appropriate, provide follow-up reports.

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