§ 110.20 General license information.

(a) A person may use an NRC general license as authority to export or import nuclear equipment or material, if the nuclear equipment or material to be exported or imported is covered by the NRC general licenses described in §§ 110.21 through 110.27. If an export or import is not covered by the NRC general licenses described in §§ 110.21 through 110.27, a person must file an application with the Commission for a specific license in accordance with §§ 110.31 through 110.32.

(b) In response to a petition or on its own initiative, the Commission may issue a general license for export or import if it determines that any exports or imports made under the general license will not be inimical to the common defense and security or constitute an unreasonable risk to the public health and safety and otherwise meet applicable statutory requirements. A general license is issued as a regulation after a rulemaking proceeding under subpart K of this part. Issuance of a general license is coordinated with the Executive Branch.

(c) A general license does not relieve a person from complying with the regulations of other Government agencies applicable to exports or imports under their authority.

(d) A general license for export may not be used if the exporter knows, or has reason to believe, that the material will be used in any illegal activity or any activity related to isotope separation, chemical reprocessing, heavy water production or the fabrication of nuclear fuel containing plutonium, unless these activities are generically authorized under an appropriate agreement for cooperation.

(e) A person who uses an NRC general license as the authority to export or import may cite on the shipping documents the section of this part which authorizes the described export or import under general license, as a means of expediting U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s processing of the shipment.

(f) As specified in §§ 110.21 through 110.26, 110.28, 110.29, and 110.30 only certain countries are eligible recipients of equipment or material under NRC general licenses to export. The Commission will closely monitor these countries and may at any time remove a country from a general license in response to significant adverse developments in the country involved. A key factor in this regard is the nonproliferation credentials of the importing country.

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