§ 95.57 Reports.

Each licensee, certificate holder, or other person having a facility clearance shall report to the CSA and the Regional
Administrator of the appropriate NRC Regional Office listed in 10 CFR part 73, appendix A:

(a) Any alleged or suspected violation of the Atomic Energy Act, Espionage Act, or other Federal statutes related to classified information (e.g., deliberate disclosure of classified information to persons not authorized to receive it, theft of classified information). Incidents such as this must be reported within 1 hour of the event followed by written confirmation within 30 days of the incident; and

(b) Any infractions, losses, compromises, or possible compromise of classified information or classified documents not falling within paragraph (a) of this section. Incidents such as these must be entered into a written log. A copy of the log must be provided to the NRC on a monthly basis. Details of security infractions including corrective action taken must be available to the CSA upon request.

(c) In addition, NRC requires records for all classification actions (documents classified, declassified, or downgraded) to be submitted to the NRC Division of Security Operations. These may be submitted either on an "as completed" basis or monthly. The information may be submitted either electronically by an on-line system (NRC prefers the use of a dial-in automated system connected to the Division of Security Operations) or by paper copy using NRC Form 790.

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