§ 95.45 Changes in classification.

(a) Documents containing classified National Security Information must be downgraded or declassified as authorized by the NRC classification guides or as determined by the NRC. Requests for downgrading or declassifying any NRC classified information should be forwarded to the NRC's Division of Security Operations, Nuclear Security and Incident Response, using an appropriate method listed in § 95.9. Requests for downgrading or declassifying of Restricted Data will be forwarded to the NRC Division of Facilities and Security for coordination with the Department of Energy.

(b) If a change of classification or declassification is approved, the previous classification marking must be canceled and the following statement, properly completed, must be placed on the first page of the document:

Classification canceled (or changed to)


(Insert appropriate classification)

By authority of


(Person authorizing change in classification)



(Signature of person making change and date thereof)

(c) New markings reflecting the current classification status of the document will be applied in accordance with the requirements of § 95.37.

(d) Any licensee, certificate holder, or other person making a change in classification or receiving notice of such a change shall forward notice of the change in classification to holders of all copies as shown on their records.

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