§ 95.17 Processing facility clearance.

(a) Following the receipt of an acceptable request for facility clearance, the NRC will either accept an existing facility clearance granted by a current CSA and authorize possession of license or certificate related classified information, or process the facility for a facility clearance. Processing will include--

(1) A determination based on review and approval of a Standard Practice Procedures Plan that granting of the Facility Clearance would not be inconsistent with the national interest, including a finding that the facility is not under foreign ownership, control, or influence to such a degree that a determination could not be made. An NRC finding of foreign ownership, control, or influence is based on factors concerning the foreign intelligence threat, risk of unauthorized technology transfer, type and sensitivity of the information that requires protection, the extent of foreign influence, record of compliance with pertinent laws, and the nature of international security and information exchange agreements. The licensee, certificate holder, or other person must advise the NRC within 30 days of any significant events or changes that may affect its status concerning foreign ownership, control, or influence (e.g., changes in ownership; changes that affect the company's answers to original FOCI questions; indebtedness; and changes in the required form that identifies owners, officers, directors, and executive personnel).

(2) An acceptable security review conducted by the NRC;

(3) Submitting key management personnel for personnel clearances (PCLs); and

(4) Appointing a U.S. citizen employee as the facility security officer.

(b) An interim Facility Clearance may be granted by the CSA on a temporary basis pending completion of the full investigative requirements.

[62 FR 17692, Apr. 11, 1997, as amended at 64 FR 15650, Apr. 1, 1999]

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