Physical Security

§ 95.15 Approval for processing licensees and others for facility clearance.

(a) A licensee, certificate holder, or other person who has a need to use, process, store, reproduce, transmit, transport, or handle NRC classified information at any location in connection with Commission-related activities shall promptly request an NRC facility clearance. This specifically includes situations where a licensee, certificate holder, or other person needs a contractor or consultant to have access to NRC classified information. Also included are others who require access to classified information in connection with NRC regulated activities but do not require use, storage, or possession of classified information outside of NRC facilities. However, it is not necessary for a licensee, certificate holder, or other person to request an NRC facility clearance for access to another agency's classified information at that agency's facilities or to store that agency's classified information at their facility, provided no NRC classified information is involved and they meet the security requirements of the other agency. If NRC classified information is involved, the requirements of § 95.17 apply.

(b) The request must include the name of the facility, the location of the facility and an identification of any facility clearance issued by another government agency. If there is no existing facility clearance, the request must include a security Standard Practice Procedures Plan that outlines the facility's proposed security procedures and controls for the protection of classified information, a floor plan of the area in which the matter is to be used, processed, stored, reproduced, transmitted, transported or handled; and Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence information.

(c) NRC will promptly inform applicants of the acceptability of the request for further processing and will notify the licensee or other person of their decision in writing.

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