§ 81.13 Publication of NRC inventions available for licensing.

(a) The Commission will have published periodically a list of the NRC inventions available for licensing under this subpart in the Federal Register, the U.S. Patent Office Official Gazette, and in one other publication which it is determined will best serve the public interest and, where advisable, in other publications.

(b) Interested persons may obtain copies of such lists by communicating with the Commission, Washington, DC 20555. Copies of U.S. patents may be obtained from the U.S. Patent Office. Copies of U.S. patent application specifications, or microfiche reproductions thereof, may be secured at reasonable cost from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) or from the U.S. Patent Office with Commission approval.

[38 FR 7318, Mar. 20, 1973, as amended at 40 FR 8793, Mar. 3, 1975]

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