Subpart E--Safeguards and Security

§ 76.111 Physical security, material control and accounting, and protection of certain information.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations that will be used for certification of the Corporation1 for physical security and material control and accounting are contained in title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations as described in this subpart. The regulations referenced in this subpart contain requirements for physical security and material control and accounting for formula quantities of strategic special nuclear material (Category I), special nuclear material of moderate strategic significance (Category II), and special nuclear material of low strategic significance (Category III), and for protection of Restricted Data, National Security Information, Safeguards Information, and information designated by the U.S. Department of Energy as Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information.

1 For the purpose of this subpart, the terms "licensee" or "license" used in parts 70, 73, and 74 of this chapter, mean, respectively, the Corporation, or the certificate of compliance or approved compliance plan.

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