§ 76.68 Plant changes.

(a) The Corporation may make changes to the plant or to the plant's operations as described in the safety analysis report without prior Commission approval provided all the provisions of this section are met:

(1) The Corporation shall conduct a written safety analysis which demonstrates that the changes would not result in undue risk to public health and safety, the common defense and security, or to the environment.

(2) The changes must be authorized by responsible management and approved by a safety review committee.

(3) The changes may not decrease effectiveness of the plant's safety, safeguards, and security programs.

(4) The changes may not involve a change in any condition to the certificate of compliance.

(5) The changes may not involve a change to any condition to the approved compliance plan.

(6) The changes may not involve an unreviewed safety question.

(b) To ensure that the approved application remains current with respect to the actual site description and that the plant's programs, plans, policies, and operations are in place, the Corporation shall submit revised pages to the approved application and safety analysis report, marked and dated to indicate each change. The Corporation shall evaluate any as-found conditions that do not agree with the plant's programs, plans, policies, and operations in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section. These revisions must be submitted before April 15 of each calendar year, or at a shorter interval as may be specified in the certificate. If a renewal application for a certificate is filed in accordance with § 76.36 of this part, the revisions shall be incorporated into the application.

(c) The Corporation shall maintain records of changes in the plant and of changes in the programs, plans, policies, procedures and operations described in the approved application, and copies of the safety analyses on which the changes were based. The records of plant changes must be retained until the end of the duration of the lease. The records of changes in programs, plans, policies, procedures, and operations and copies of the safety analysis on which the changes were based must be retained for a period of 2 years.

(d) The Corporation may at any time apply under § 76.45 for amendment of the certificate to cover proposed new or modified activities not permitted by paragraph (a) of this section.

[59 FR 48960, Sept. 23, 1994, as amended at 62 FR 6670, Feb. 12, 1997]

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