§ 76.62 Issuance of certificate and/or approval of compliance plan.

(a) Upon a finding of compliance with the Commission's regulations for issuance of a certificate and/or approval of a compliance plan, the Director shall issue a written decision explaining the decision. The Director may issue a certificate of compliance covering those areas where the Corporation is in compliance with applicable Commission requirements and approve a compliance plan for the remaining areas, if any, of noncompliance. The Director may impose any appropriate terms and conditions.

(b) The Director shall publish notice of the decision in the Federal Register.

(c) The Corporation, or any person whose interest may be affected, may file a petition, not to exceed 30 pages, requesting review of the Director's decision. This petition must be filed with the Commission not later than 30 days after publication of the Federal Register notice. Any person described in this paragraph may file a response to any petition for review, not to exceed 30 pages, within 15 days after the filing of the petition. If the Commission does not issue a decision or take other appropriate action within 90 days after the publication of the Federal Register notice, the Director's decision remains in effect. The Commission may adopt, by order, further procedures that, in its judgment, would serve the purpose of review of the Director's decision.

(d) The Commission may adopt, modify, or set aside the findings, conclusions, conditions, or terms in the Director's decision and will state the basis of its action in writing.

[59 FR 48960, Sept. 23, 1994, as amended at 64 FR 44650, Aug. 17, 1999]

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