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§ 75.45 Content of advance notification.

(a) The notifications required by § 75.43 must include the element weight of nuclear material being received or shipped, the chemical composition and physical form, the isotopic composition (to the extent specified by license conditions), the estimated date and place at the reporting facility where the nuclear material is to be unpackaged or prepared for shipment (and where the quantity and composition can be verified), the applicable IAEA material balance area at the reporting facility, the approximate number of items to be received or shipped, and the probable dates of receipt or shipment. The notification must indicate that the information is being supplied under § 75.43.

(b) The notifications required with respect to export and import shipments shall also include

(1) If available, a general description of containers (including, in the case of exports, features that would permit sealing);

(2) Destination of export as authorized under an export license issued pursuant to part 110 of this chapter, or origin of import (by country and, if known, place);

(3) Means of transport; and

(4) Expected date and place of arrival in the destination country (for exports) or in the United States (for imports).

[73 FR 78614, Dec. 23, 2008]

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