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§ 75.34 Inventory change reports.

(a) Nuclear Material Transaction Reports (Inventory Change Reports) in computer-readable format to be completed in accordance with instructions (NUREG/BR–0006 and NMMSS Report D–24 "Personal Computer Data Input for NRC Licensees"), must specify identification and batch data for each batch of nuclear material, the date of the inventory change, and, as appropriate,

(1) The originating IAEA material balance area or the shipper; and

(2) The receiving IAEA material balance area or the recipient.

Each licensee who receives special nuclear material from a foreign source shall complete both the supplier's and receiver's portion of the form.

(b) Nuclear Material Transactions Reports (Inventory Change Reports), when appropriate, must be accompanied by Concise Notes, completed as specified in the instructions (NUREG/BR–0006 and NMMSS Report D–24 "Personal Computer Data Input for NRC Licensees"). Copies of these instructions may be obtained from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Division of Fuel Cycle Safety, Safeguards, and Environmental Review, Washington, DC 20555–0001. This Concise Note is used in:

(1) Explaining the inventory changes on the basis of the operating records provided for under § 75.23; and

(2) Describing, to the extent specified in the license conditions, the anticipated operational program for the facility, including particularly, but not exclusively, the schedule for taking physical inventory.

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