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IAEA Nuclear Material Exemptions and Terminations

§ 75.26 Exemption from IAEA safeguards.

(a) The U.S. Government may request from the IAEA an exemption from IAEA safeguards with respect to nuclear material of the following types:

(1) Source and special nuclear material in gram quantities or less as a sensing component in instruments;

(2) Nuclear material used in nonnuclear activities; and

(3) Plutonium with an isotopic concentration of plutonium-238 exceeding 80 percent.

(b) Nuclear material exempted under paragraph (a) of this section must not exceed the quantity limits specified in the Safeguards Agreements.

(c) The NRC shall provide a prompt notification of an exemption issued by the IAEA to the applicable licensee, certificate holder, or nuclear material outside facilities.

[83 FR 19612, May 4, 2018]

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